Categories of laptops

With so many choices types, niche models and categories of laptops to choose from, choosing the best laptop can be difficult. In order to help you find the best laptop we’ve compiled a set of easy laptop buying rules to guide your way.

Who is your identity? : Most laptop users fall into five main categories namely students, the business traveler, designers/photographers, gaming fans and the home users. If you’re one of these types of people, then this makes things easier as most laptops are categorized according to the type of user. If you’re not certain, read on.

Student: An average student has a small budget. It’s just something portable, lightweight and can last for hours in a single charge. The best laptop for a student is one that is an Intel Atom powered 11-inch netbook equipped with a 6-cell battery as well as 1GB of RAM. However, it’s not equipped with enough capacity to run more than two or three apps at the same time, or play games and HD films.

Business Travelers: The business-minded traveler How To Optimize Your Laptop For Gaming typically has a larger budget, and often takes frequent business trips, and has important files and documents on laptops. They require extremely solid and durable laptops that are able to deliver presentations as well as withstand the pressures of traveling. A 12 – to 15-inch display laptop with an Intel Pro vPro and the TPM feature fills the bill. The majority of vendors like Lenovo and Dell offer laptops like these, but others offer laptops that are dust-proof, shockproof and resistant to spills.

Designers/Photographers: Photographers and designers all work with multimedia. They need laptops with an extra processor, discrete graphics for image and video processing and at minimum 500GB of storage space to keep all the multimedia files.

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