It takes just 12 minutes to complete your morning beauty routine. First, you need to wash your face. Then, you’ll need to apply the astringent followed by moisturizer. The list can go on and on. Although it’s a time-consuming routine, was it never an enjoyable activity? We decided to bring us back to the times where applying makeup was enjoyable. Here are some makeup tips and tricks that will make your makeup routine more enjoyable.

We reached out to Carmindy, a TLC makeup artist on staff and author of The 5 Minute Face, for the inside scoop. Here are her 10 beauty tips that will leave you feeling fresh and stunning.

Beauty Tip #1: Apply perfume in moderation.

No matter how costly the perfumeis, a couple of sprays in the morning will not last you the whole day. To ensure that your perfume lasts, try this beauty tip apply a non-scented liquid collagen supplement liposomal  moisturizer on first and then spray your perfume on a few seconds later. “There’s so much alcohol present in perfume,” Carmindy explains, “that when you spray it on dry skin, many times it evaporates so quickly. But if you have moisturizer on your skin it sticks much better.”

Beauty Tip # 2 Lip gloss without the goop.

Carmindy suggests adding another step to make the gloss more sticky. I prefer to apply the lip gloss with my fingertips and then rub it onto my lips. This will give you a slight glow but not too excessive. Try using a moisturizing lipstick or lip stain before adding the gloss to ensure the color isn’t fading.

Beauty Tip # 3 – A sweet scrub.

Regular white table sugar is by far the most effective exfoliant you can find. You don’t have to apply any scrub that has sugar. “The small crystals dissolve in water and do not cause skin irritation. If you’re suffering from sensitive skin, don’t be concerned. “It is even more effective because there are other products that you may not like a fragrance or a large number of ingredients,” states Carmindy. You can just use your normal shower routine to massage your skin and scrub your skin using a few drops of sugar. And , if you’re out of sugar you’ll be able to ask your sweet neighbor for a spot of sugar!

Beauty Tip #4: Take off your spot concealer.

Carmindy suggests that you do not look for different concealers and use only one. Why is that? The foundation can be used that is stuck to the cap on top of your concealer liquid as an area treatment. The foundation oxidizes and gets thicker. It also says that it’s the same shade of your foundation so it covers up any imperfections. For application, you just need an incredibly small concealer brush and dip it into the cap of your foundation or the nozzle , if you use spray. You can then apply the concealer to the areas you want to cover and you’re set to go. It’s a good thing when your foundation lid gets cakey.

Beauty Tip #5 – Recycle Good for the planet, good for your lips.

What do you do when the four most popular lipsticks are nearing the end of their lives and your finger is tired of removing the remnants below? Carmindy suggests combining half-used lipsticks into your own lip palette. “Go to the pharmacy and purchase a pill container and take out the lipsticks in the tubes. Place each shade in the different sections inside the box.” Mix and match the colors or even add Vaseline inside one of the sections to make your own lip gloss.

Beauty Tip #6 Lips of the Celebrity

To get fuller lips people usually outline their lips using pencils, but the majority times it’s obvious and unprofessional (especially when the lipstick falls off and you’re left with the ugly line). To create a subtle enhancement Carmindy suggests using your Q-tip and soak it in a tiny amount of eyeshadow with a white shimmer and lightly draw a line around the outside of your lips. The shimmer will reflect light and make your lips appear bigger. You won’t observe it, but a faint glimmer does the trick. Ideal if there isn’t any collagen handy.

Beauty Tip #7 – Be bronzed, but not dirty

The smudges of bronzer on your face can cause you to appear as if you’ve rolled around in the sand box all day , or perhaps taken on a part-time job as a chimney sweeper. Carmindy prefers a spray bronzer to give the appearance of a new summer tan. I spray the sponge onto my face and then apply it into my skin. This is the area where the sun will kiss your face. And if you like powder bronzers, you can apply it in the same locations too.”

Beauty Tip # 8 – Brow breakthrough.

If you’ve been gifted little eyebrow DNA You’ve probably tried everything to get them noticed. And you’ve figured out that most of the time these products wear off by the evening. Carmindy suggests you buy waterproof eyeliner in the same color as your hair’s color, such as brown, black, or taupe. It is possible to make use of an angled brush to apply the liquid eyeliner to your eyebrows. It’s durable all throughout the day. It’s more natural-looking as a pencil, and it lasts longer.” It’s an all-in-one.

If you are like me and have a wildly unruly brow it is possible that you need to keep them in check. This can be done by using a spooly or an old tooth brush to apply a tiny amount of cream on your eyebrows.

Beauty Tip # 9 – Not your average smoky eye.

“What I like to do is to take one of the colors like navy blue or sparkling type of burgundy purple and just apply it to the inside rim, and right along the lower and upper lash line and then rub it in with a Q-tip. So, you don’t need to pull the eye back but still have the smokey effect from the color being lined. Carmindy suggests that you stay clear of eye shadows that are dark in case you have large eyes that are deep set. This can cause them to appear more pushed back. “There are a myriad of ways to achieve a smoky eye, yet people think there’s only one way to accomplish it.”

Beauty Tip #10 – Make time for eye shadow and save time

Are you a bit late to bed? The best makeup you can put on is a white shimmering highlight powder. Carmindy recommends that you highlight three parts of your face, there is no need to use any eyeshadow. These spots are located under the eyebrow, in the inner corner of the eye and over the cheekbone. “It gives a glimmer to the eye; it lifts up the lid and draws attention towards the cheekbone’s top.” To feel awake, all you need to do is to make a large cup of coffee.

There’s no reason for you to let your beauty routine become boring. These beauty tips may cause you to reconsider your 12 minute routine.

With the assistance of TLC’s makeup artist Carmindy, Savvy Miss author Leslie Barrie compiles a list of lesser-known but fantastic beauty tips that leave you looking gorgeous and lovely.

The morning routine for beauty takes only 12 minutes. The first step is the face wash, then the astringent, followed by the moisturizer. The list continues. It’s become a chore however, wasn’t there a time when this routine was enjoyable? We decided to bring you back to the past where applying makeup was fun. Below are some beauty techniques and tips to enhance your look.

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