How to make Money Bets on Horses on your Next Trip to the Track

If you’d like to go to the race track 꽁머니 and leave with an increase of money than you brought with you? Of course you would like that, who wouldn’t? It’s possible, but there are no guarantees. The best way to make it happen, however, is to plan ahead and stick with your plan. The number one reason people fail to make money bets on horse backgrounds is that they fail to plan or don’t stick to their plan.Kenyan, Nigerian governments addressing rampant youth sports gambling -  Global Sport Matters

The problem isn’t that bettors don’t have the best of motives, because many of them do. The problem is that bets, playing, and money management are emotionally charged and that is where the problem lies. How many times have you gotten frustrated, excited, over confident, unsure, etc.? Each one of those emotions affects your bets and your likelihood of winning.

Think back to your last few trips to the backgrounds and you’ll see spinning program so well. It is almost impossible not to get excited at the backgrounds, isn’t it? For many people, the thrill is what keeps them coming back. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the thrill of bets and winning, but if you combine them, in other words, do then at the same time, then you will rarely stay before game. You may have a good day here and there, but more and more, you will find yourself leaving the race track with less than you started with and becoming more frustrated, that leads to more bad table bets.

The way to turn this around is to separate handicapping and bets from watching backgrounds and enjoying the race track experience. Over the years I’ve made a survey of men and women who win more often at the backgrounds and one thing I’ve found is that one group has much more success and enjoys the backgrounds more, too.

They are the people who handicap the backgrounds at home where it is quiet and they can think. In other words, they are preparing in advance. The next phase is that they make their recommendations at home and when they get to the track, they take a specific sum of money in with them and stick to a budget. The third and most important step is that they make their table bets before the backgrounds begin and put the tickets into their purse or wallet.

With all of their table bets down, they then watch the backgrounds and revel in the experience, but they don’t let their emotions prompt them to make more table bets. When you are embroiled in the excitement of watching the backgrounds, if you do not are a pro, you will almost always let your emotions do some of the thinking for you and when it comes to handicapping horse backgrounds, that is a financial disaster in the making. So plan ahead, make your table bets, then have a drink and watch the backgrounds and revel in the experience. Cash your winning tickets and go home. You won’t win every time, no one does, but you will win more often.

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