How To Maximise Your Employability As A Community Sports Coach

As the practice of sports coaching is transforming to become more and more professional, recognized by institutes and accessible to members of the community. It is also becoming very competitive amongst Community Sports Coaches in the capital as employers have a higher number of people to choose from. In 2007 the extensive market report Sports Coaching in the UK II written by Rosie Townend and Julian North showed that professional coaches account for 30% of the workforce. This is an increase from 19% in 2004. The majority of existing coaches are community coaches working with with children and young people. Thus the participant level of coaching is getting increasingly competitive. As you move up the ladder there is more room to manoeuvre in relation to the career options available to you and financial opportunities.

The first step to making yourself more attractive to potential employers is to prove your dedication to coaching. One way to do that is to have a record of volunteering. So if you are just starting out as a coach get going and volunteer as much as possible. You do not have to spend all day volunteering (although it would be good if you could) but sparing a couple of hours each week is reasonable 먹튀검증. There are a lot of organisations and sports clubs such as Newham and Essex Beagles Athletics Club who would appreciate your offer to help out in training sessions. You must ensure that whilst you are volunteering that you are actually given some responsibility which involves practical coaching. It is not just about the fact that it looks good on your CV

Its fantastic when you have coached a multiple number of sports because that shows flexibility and it is a great asset to have in any field of employment. Nevertheless, it is no good being able to work within so many contexts of sport development and coaching and failing to discuss or even state that you personally enjoyed it. A Community Sports Coach needs to enjoy coaching even more because this needs to reflect on to the children and young people involved in your sessions. It is common knowledge amongst coaches that fun is the most important factor for people being coached especially children. This is why you need to show that you actually enjoy what you do.. Consequently, you could be missing out on vital experience. An example of an invaluable experience is the chance of coaching athletes and potential elite athletes. An experience like this shows that you have a some insight to how to coach at a higher level due to observation of senior coaches and through personal application.

A community coach’s career is very dynamic and the coaching hours offered can often be limited. As a result coaches are sometimes forced to seek employment from a number of organisations at one time to support themselves financially. Many employees appreciate this. You should use it to your advantage as it means you have acquired knowledge about best & effective practice, coaching skills, research and planning from different sources and employers. You should clearly state and demonstrate what you have learned as an employee from working with each previous or current company. Employers want you to bring the key elements that you have learned to the table to their organisation as this shows that you can develop personally, professionally and boost the expertise of their workforce. You can express what you have with a line on your CV and you can propose how you can apply it into their set up if it is desirable.

As a coach you should always be prepared to enhance your personal and professional development because you never stop learning. New research and revamps of coach education is constantly occurring. You need to adapt to it and be willing to absorb the information relevant to you. Therefore your skills and experience have to be aligned with updates if you want to stay in contention for a position. Due to the ever approaching Olympics funding for coaching is expected to continue in London. Of the last government’s funding made available to sports £60 was earmarked for sports coaching alone.

You are probably already aware that a huge amount of funds has already been invested into Coach Education. So you need to make sure you attend workshops like How To Analyse Your Coaching provided by Sports Coach UK and gain additional National Sports Governing Bodies coaching qualifications as the year progresses. Target particular courses you want to do each year. This blog would suggest at least gaining one qualification and attending one workshop each year.The courses and workshops can be expensive but are largely worth it because they are so educational. But understandably in this economic climate it is difficult to find extra money to spend. Occasionally there are discounts and even courses and workshops offered free of charge. You can be informed of these offers by signing up for newsletters on sites like Pro-Active East London. Alternatively, join as a Sports Coach UK and/or National Sports Governing Body Member.

Finally building a good network of contacts you have previously worked with can help your prospects. So if you have done a really good job for an employee or even for an individual include them in your contacts. Add your contacts by storing them in your email account or by writing it down as a list of people who can further your claim to a position. It is best that the individual has credibility. For instance the opinions of Managers or a person with a senior role within the company you worked for will hold more weight. This means you are more likely to have a high quantity of contacts as well as quality. The more positive contacts you have the better your employability should be. Thereafter, when are asked about references you now have a wider choice. You should seek to match the right contact for the right coaching position. For example if you have been asked for references from a charity that is looking for someone to coach week end Dodge Ball sessions to Under 8’s give them references that can specifically talk about you effectively coaching Dodge Ball to that age group and within a similar community setting. It makes sense because it also should help your case that you are the right person they are looking for. Ensure you always ask for permission before using your contact as a reference.

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