How to Use Social Media for Higher Google Rankings

As Google continues to alter its algorithm, many of the recent changes focus on rewarding businesses with robust social media activity. The message is clear – to get higher rankings in Google searches, your business needs to be more social.

With recent updates, Google is looking more closely at the credibility of your business and will rank you favorably if you are an authority in your industry Buy Google Reviews. One of the major measurements that Google monitors is social media relationships; that is, two-way interaction between you and your customers. If done effectively, social media marketing can help you get higher rankings in Google searches.

Some of the effort to building Google-friendly social media sites is in the tags, descriptions and categories attached. In day-to-day activity, though, it’s so much more than about collecting fans and followers. There are many businesses with hundreds and thousands of fans and followers, but very low engagement and hence, challenges in seeing any positive return on investment (ROI). With more effective engagement, businesses can take better advantage of the opportunity to also rank higher in Google searches.

The way to increase engagement on your social media sites is to provide fascinating content that will compel the viewer to share it with others. Once your post, picture or video is liked, shared, re-posted, re-tweeted, or re-pinned, it will rank higher in Google searches. (For instance, if I post a picture to my business Facebook page of a cute baby wearing sunglasses and a t-shirt with the name of my business on it, and then someone who sees that shares that with his or her list of Facebook friends or followers, that will help my business measure higher with Google.)

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