Is Human Nature Being Used Against Them?


There have been many books and articles composed over the control of human populaces, so what I am going to say is no confidential or senseless “Illuminati Conspiracy Theory” – it’s essentially the status quo, thus nobody should be excessively amazed. Some could say people are sluggish essentially, or maybe like some other species on this planet their qualities are inclination to ration energy, along these lines the entire living being attempts to do augment productivity. Thus, obviously, this is people’s specialty. OK anyway, we should talk will we?


Human instinct directs that people will do the least and attempt to get the most – that we know. Except if there is a trepidation element or fire lit under them, by and large they will not be excessively spurred to do a lot of anything. Does this mean people are lethargic, or savvy, or both, or maybe, simply playing out their normal senses in their exceptionally altered territory – our cutting edge society. Along these lines, we shouldn’t anticipate that people should be useful aside from their own advantages without adequate inspiration, motivation, motivator, or prize


Presently then, at that point, what we get as a general public is what we reward. On the off chance that we wish individuals to think more, we really want to award for that, or they will quit thinking, terrible for them, great for the people who wish to control and rule over them. OK in this way, in the event that we chide, assault, or untouchable the individuals who think, we will have less of them.


At this moment we claim to compensate those in school who answer every one of the inquiries according to the necessary direct – and we reward them with How to join illuminati corporate positions, as though they are the significant objective and encapsulation of progress, they are not. These individuals are simply being utilized as “units of work” to make the framework work, by the people who comprehend how it truly functions and work the framework in that endless loop.


Contemplate military individual, they put their lives in extreme danger, almost kick the bucket, and they get what; A Medal? In any case, according to Maslow’s pecking order of need, they additionally get “regard from their kindred man” – similarly as in school, regard for going through the cycle and getting along admirably.


I’d submit to you that the most astute of all could think often less about everything that, they do it for themselves, and when the school teachers can’t respond to their inquiry they do one of two things; concentrate all alone to enhance their guidance as time licenses, or they leave and perceive the truth about the framework. To be sure, I really want to believe that you will kindly think on this, no truly; Think Human!

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