Marine Corps Combat Fitness Test

Marine Corps Combat Fitness Test

In the Fleet Marine Force, the Marine Corps Combat Fitness Test is administered during the second half of the annual year. All Marines are required to take the CFT between July 1 – December 31 each year, unless otherwise excused due to a medical condition that places the Marine on  38 super ammo   light duty or limited duty. The CFT consists of three events: Maneuver Under Fire (MUF), Ammo Lifts (AL), and Movement to Contact (MTC).

Movement to Contact is an 880 yard run while wearing cammie trousers, blouse, and boots. The objective here is to finish as fast as you can. It is a sprint, so you should maximize your effort the entire time. Remember you will get a 5-minute break immediately following this portion, so give it all your effort.

For the Ammo Lift, you have 2 minutes to complete as many ammo can lifts as you can. You must lift a 30-pound ammunition can overhead from shoulder height. The elbows must lock out at the top. The starting position for the AL is with the ammo can sideways at shoulder height held with both hands, handle facing away from you. The proper lifting technique is head up, chest elevated and lumbar curve maintained. Feet remain shoulder-width apart or staggered in a basic-warrior stance position. You are encouraged to use your legs during the lift. This will provide momentum as well as additional strength, making the lift easier by spreading the work load across multiple muscle groups, as opposed to just using your arms. You will receive another 5-minute break following this event so ensure you give it all your effort once again.

The MANUF is a 300 yard shuttle run that includes a variety of combat-related tasks, to include crawls, buddy drags/carries, ammunition resupply, grenade throw and agility running. You start out in the prone position at the starting line. You get up and run 25 yards, do a j-hook around a cone, then drop down and high crawl for 10 yards. During the high crawl, you must maintain contact with the ground with your elbows, knees, and torso. Next you will raise up to a modified high crawl for the next 15 yards. In the modified high crawl, your torso does not have to maintain contact with the ground. Only hands, knees, and feet must contact the ground. At the 50 yard line, you will negotiate a series of cones set up in a diagonal pattern. The turnaround point is at the 75 yard line.

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