When Do You Replace Rubbers on a Gun?


There are a couple of things on a speargun which are fundamentally consumables. What I mean by this is that they break down generally rapidly and should be supplanted a few times over the existence of the weapon. The primary thing that breaks consistently is the mono line that appends the lance to the firearm. You can purchase a pleating set alongside a gigantic reel of mono line for practically nothing, and this is by a long shot the most effective way to go. The following thing that breaks routinely is the rubbers on your firearm. This incorporates both the terminating elastic (s) and the elastic toward the finish of your mono. The vast majority allude to this as the bungee elastic.


This is a vital piece of elastic, as it permits the fish to pull the lance without putting direct weight on the firearm and the mono line. This elastic gives a touch of ‘provide for’ bigger fish, yet in the event that it breaks, you have nothing holding the lance to the firearm any longer. This means assuming that the elastic breaks down and you shoot a hotshot you get an opportunity of losing your lance! Ensure that you check this routinely. Pull the elastic as hard as possible to test how died it is, and afterward examine breaks and low quality elastic.


The other two elastic (s) are less significant (despite the fact that on the off chance that you break them then you can’t discharge the firearm!). In the event that you have two rubbers, you have a decent opportunity to in any case have the option to shoot fish, since you simply utilize the other elastic. I regularly sit tight for these to break (they make a bang submerged however it’s anything but an issue) yet certain individuals supplant them when they get died. Contingent upon the nature of your elastic some might keep going for quite a  12 ga shot while in any event, when they seem worse for wear. Simply check the rubbers consistently, and supplant them in the event that you are going on a major outing (it are worn to (accept they!).

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